Supplements for Low or No Sodium

Do you suffer with high blood pressure or heart disease? Are you looking to reduce your salt intake or eat a low sodium diet?

Good nutrition and lifestyle play a key role in good heart health. Our expert articles provide useful insights and advice on how to get started on your journey back to wellness.

Read the articles and browse the products to find out which foods and supplements are most suited to your individual health needs.

Low or No Sodium Articles

  • Vitaminology
    1 min read

    Nutrients For Cataracts

    Should I be eating specific nutrients for cataracts? Following a Mediterranean diet can help fight cataracts.
    Sally Duffin
  • Vitaminology
    1 min read

    Muscle-Building Prawns with Rice Noodles

    Support muscle building with this delicious protein and anti-oxidant-rich prawn rice noodle recipe.
    Caroline Hind
  • Vitaminology
    2 min read

    Does Gluten Cause Brain Fog?

    Could gluten be causing your poor memory and brain fog?
    Rose Legge