About Vitaminology

Our Mission

Vitaminology advances corporate wellness through improved employee nutrition and diet.

Vitaminology is a wellness-tech company that has developed a purpose-built nutrition support platform to help employers improve corporate wellness through nutrition. Employees who join the platform have access to a variety of premium tools such as one to one video consultations, articles about health conditions, an ingredient library, as well as a supplement finder tool that helps users search to find the perfect supplement for them. Vitaminology’s goal is to advance corporate wellness by providing employees tools and resources to improve their diet and nutrition.

Our Team

Roman Banks alt

Roman Banks

UI & UX Designer

Danielle Rushton alt

Danielle Rushton

Customer Success Lead

Alexander Squires alt

Alexander Squires

Commercial Partnerships

Tomasz Bogdal alt

Tomasz Bogdal

Chief Engineer

Katarzyna Zaczek alt

Katarzyna Zaczek

Development Lead

Nicholas Wodtke alt

Nicholas Wodtke


Camilla Jones alt

Camilla Jones

Creative Designer

Mike Murphy alt

Mike Murphy

Chief Nutritionist

Caroline Hind alt

Caroline Hind

Content & Editorial

Milena Mastroianni alt

Milena Mastroianni

Data Analyst

Oliver Martin alt

Oliver Martin

Digital Marketing

Melanie Dixon alt

Melanie Dixon

Nutritional Therapist

Tess White alt

Tess White

Marketing Lead

Catalina Badiu alt

Catalina Badiu

Video Editor

Will Barratt alt

Will Barratt

Corporate Sales

Ramsha Khalid alt

Ramsha Khalid

Customer Success

Robin Rashedul alt

Robin Rashedul

Customer Success

Rachel Marley alt

Rachel Marley

NT Data Services & Community Manager

Saskia Robertson alt

Saskia Robertson

Graphic Designer

Careers At Vitaminology

We are looking for committed and passionate entrepreneurs who want to grow with the company and build the world’s leading corporate wellness company for nutrition. We have open roles in...

  • Corporate Sales
  • Digital Marketing
  • Customer Success
  • Graphic Design
  • Affiliate Sales
  • Data Analytics

If you are interested in having a conversation, please email us at hr@vitaminolgy.co.

We love talking to those who share our enthusiasm for health-tech and wellness.