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About my practice and approach

Nutritional therapy is not a quick fix solution so I work with clients for a minimum of three months. This means we can really examine your symptoms and identify the imbalances that may be causing them. Small, yet sustainable changes can then be introduced gradually, which I have found helps establish these new ways of eating and living into your daily routine for life. My three step programme starts with nourishing your body with nutrient rich foods. We then look at restoring and rebalancing areas of your body which need this support. Finally we focus on making time for you through movement, relaxation and sleep. I have undertaking NLP training as part of my postgraduate diploma in Personalised Nutrition, enabling me to offer coaching support throughout your programme. I have also completed training on the Psychology of Weight Loss to help you identify and address unhelpful eating habits that are getting in the way of you achieving your goals.

About my key specialisation

I specialise in helping those suffering from debilitating gut and hormone symptoms. IBS, bloating, painful periods, acne, uncomfortable menopause, inability to lose weight, lack of energy... gut and hormone health underpins all of these. I use the latest testing alongside diet and lifestyle changes to help you be free of these symptoms.

About me

I'm Louise, a postgraduate qualified and BANT registered Nutritional Therapist. I discovered the impact of nutrition and lifestyle on someone's quality of life when it helped my daughter be free of her eczema and reflux. This took me on a lifechanging journey to retrain as a Nutritional Therapist with the renowned CNELM. During this time I addressed my own diet and lifestyle and said goodbye to exhaustion, painful periods, hormonal acne and my low mood. My mission is to help you feel as beautifully confident as I now do.