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About me

I have been in practice for 17 years and have specialised in one to one consultations. I have been a member of the BANT Professional Practice Panel, who define the professional standards for BANT Nutritional Therapists, for the past four years.

About my key specialisation

My main specialisations are allergies and digestion, although stress and low energy are often found in people with digestive issues. In my experience allergies and food intolerances have an impact across the whole body, not just in the digestive tract.

About my practice and approach

I have a holistic approach to healing, as good health requires more than just a good diet. I use a collaborative approach and ensure that clients are able to make the changes we agree. In addition to being a Registered Nutritional Therapist I am also qualified in Health Coaching, HeartMath Stress relief techniques, and energy healing including Reiki and Crystal healing and I draw on these other modalities when required.