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About me

I've been in practice for 20 years and am still proud every day that I'm able to change people's lives for the better via science-based, research-driven nutritional strategies that make a real difference.

About my key specialisation

I specialise in women's health, especially the menopause, but since the digestive system sits at the core of any health issue, I work very closely with this too. Women don't need to suffer in silence. Long term health issues can be resolved by creating nutritional balance.

About my practice and approach

My strategy is to always find the root cause of any health problem and work on resolving this. Much of what goes wrong with people's health is down to nutrient deficiencies which I work to correct whilst looking at the body as a whole. With information overload, people are often confused at what is right or wrong nutritionally. It's essential to treat each person individually to restore health and wellbeing.