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About me

I'm a Registered Clinical Nutritional Therapist and an NHS Health and Wellbeing Nutritionist. I am passionate about using the influence of nutrition and lifestyle to achieve health and prevent and manage illness. ​I am a Registered Nutritional Therapist, registered with The British Association of Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT), a voluntary professional body for Registered Nutritional Therapists. By registering with BANT I demonstrate that I have achieved a degree level standard of education, and comprehensive training and assessments in a 1:1 clinical setting. In addition to this, I am also governed by the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), which is an independent UK register of complementary healthcare providers, setting the standards that Nutritional Therapists must meet. I achieved a Masters in Personalised Nutrition MSc and a postgraduate diploma (PGDip) in Nutritional Therapy Clinical Practice.

About my practice and approach

It is my belief that symptoms and disease are an expression of underlying functional imbalances within different systems of the human body, i.e. our body communicating with us that something is out of sync. Simply treating these symptoms or disease states with pharmaceuticals may temporarily disguise the expression as a plaster might hide a graze. However, we might have failed to address why that symptom or disease has occurred in the first place and therefore we can expect it to keep coming back. I believe that through every forkful, we have the ability to alter the functioning of our physiological processes in order to find balance in expression of those symptoms and it is our aim to support you in doing just that. This is Nutritional Therapy.

About my key specialisation

I have a special interest in supporting couples and individuals to conception and have trained with Sandra Greenbank at the Fertility Nutrition Centre. I can help you if: - You'd like help making heads or tails of supplement ingredients and reference intakes for you personally. - This is the very beginning of your fertility journey and you'd like guidance moving away from hormonal contraception, and/or personalised advice on how to maximise your chances of healthy conception and healthy baby ASAP. - You've been asked to reach a health weight before being seen by a fertility clinic. - You've been TTC for a while without success and suspect that you or your partner would benefit from a bit of digging to see what might be going on. - You are planning to conceive through assisted methods either with a donor sperm or partners, and are looking to optimise sperm and egg quality and overall health. - You'd like help preparing for egg retrieval, surgical sperm extraction, IVF/ICSI or IUI. - You have PCOS, endometriosis or irregular periods and need extra support to improve ovulation and conception. - You'd like support with all things Men's health including fertility, low sperm count, low libido, erectile dysfunctions and more.