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About me

I focus on how stress affects the physical and mental health of an individual. Long-term stress has an impact on physical health such as hormonal imbalances (thyroid, PCOS, fibroids), digestive complaints, skin conditions, aches and pains - all of which rob you of your enjoyment of your life. A nutrition consultation involves a full assessment of your current health status including a detailed food diary. We work together over a period of 12 weeks to achieve your health goals through regular online video and/or phone support. I also offer health coaching to ensure you remain motivated and committed to achieve your health goals.

About my key specialisation

Life revolves around digestion. An optimum functioning digestive system is key to the maintenance of health and wellbeing. No matter what the health problem, the first step will be to assess the digestive function, nutrition and lifestyle. In times of stress - and these days many people are more or less under chronic stress - the first system to shut down is the digestive system. Stress activates hormones in the body to prepare for 'fight or flight' - naturally the digestive system is not needed. Can you imagine how your digestion may be affected if you are in a chronic 'fight or flight' state?