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About me

I have been involved in the field of Nutrition since 2006. I have experience working with the London Scottish rugby team, professional footballers/boxers, pre-natal groups, health initiatives for children, personal trainers, various private nutrition clinics in London & Essex & supplement shops (The Nutricentre & Lloyds Pharmacy) as their in-house Nutritional Therapist. I have also lectured at schools, do talks to the corporate & fitness world (including work for IKEA), plus have edited nutrition books & written articles for many different supplement companies. I also advise on the allergy & intolerance sections of menus for different restaurants.

About my practice and approach

I have a very holistic approach & provide dietary, supplement & lifestyle advice (which also includes any emotional aspects of healing). I incorporate functional testing (through private labs) & also practice an advanced form of kinesiology to get to the root cause of any biochemical imbalances to help design the best possible protocol that is tailored just for you.

About my key specialisation

I can help with many health issues, but my main areas of expertise are: Weight loss, Fertility, Hormonal imbalances, Digestive issues, Mental health, Chronic fatigue & Autoimmune conditions.