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About me

I'm Jennifer, a registered nutritional therapist working primarily with couples to support them with preconception planning, fertility and IVF preparation. I also work with women experiencing hormonal issues, from the onset of puberty right through to menopause.

About my key specialisation

For those planning on getting pregnant, whether you want to look for ways to improve your chances of conceiving naturally or are preparing for IVF, diet and lifestyle can have a massive impact on egg and sperm health, your overall pregnancy experience and the ongoing health of your future child. In relation to women's hormonal health, I can work with you to better understand your body and its hormonal ebb and flow. We will explore your symptoms and their root causes to create a nutrition and lifestyle plan that’s just for you. Diet and lifestyle have a huge role to play in getting the balance right and I would love to help you get there.

About my practice and approach

Through personal experience I know that battling with these problems alone can be overwhelming and all consuming, especially with the huge amount of conflicting information now available online. I work with each client to offer a personalised nutrition and lifestyle approach which can make a hugely positive impact.