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About my key specialisation

Digestive issues can really interfere with your day-to-day lives. Whilst the root causes can be complex improvements can be made in a relatively short period through a focused nutritional plan that includes dietary changes and supplements. Thyroid function, female hormones and cholesterol can all be greatly improved by optimising digestive function also. Our body operates through a fascinating web of messages and internal systems that are all linked. Bearing this in mind when creating nutrition plans is the key to success. Perimenopause and menopause and now firmly recognised as times when women may suffer symptoms related to hormone fluctuations. Much is known about how fluctuating hormones affect our well-being. Whether HRT is being taken or not, the benefits of nutritional interventions around this time are huge positively influencing weight, mental health, bone health, sleep and ageing.

About my practice and approach

I'm very much of the mindset to coach and educate people who come to see me. My aim is to give you the knowledge and the tools to manage your symptoms independently and improve your overall feeling of wellbeing.

About me

I strongly believe in the power of nutritional therapy to manage chronic symptoms. Through changes in our diets and through empowering ourselves with education around health, we can manifest improvements in our feelings of well-being. We are all completely unique and so our circumstances must be looked at through this lens. Nutritional Therapy does just that and with evidence to back it up too, it's a fantastic tool in our wellbeing armour.


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