White Hellebore



White hellebore is an herb that was used historically in Rome as a poison. Later, an extract was used as an arrow-tip poison.

Despite serious safety concerns, the bulb and root are used to make medicine. People take white hellebore for cholera, gout, and high blood pressure.

White hellebore is sometimes applied directly to the affected area for herpes outbreaks.

In manufacturing, white hellebore is used as an insecticide against flies and mosquitoes.

How it works

There isn't enough information available to know how white hellebore works.


Not Proven
High blood pressure
Herpes outbreaks, when applied to the skin
Other conditions



White hellebore is UNSAFE to take by mouth or apply to the skin. All parts of the plant are poisonous. When taken by mouth, white hellebore can cause irritation and burning of the gut, vomiting, slow heart rate, low blood pressure, breathing problems, blindness, paralysis, convulsions, and death. When applied to the skin, it can cause skin irritation, and the poisonous chemicals it contains can be absorbed through the skin.



Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Though it'sUNSAFEfor anyone to use white hellebore,pregnantwomen have extra concerns. In addition to being poisonous, white hellebore might also cause birth defects. Avoid using white hellebore if you are pregnant orbreast-feeding.Dosing considerations for White Hellebore.


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