Wild Thyme



Wild thyme is an herb. The flowering parts of the plant are used to make medicine.

People take wild thyme for breathing problems including cough, bronchitis, and swollen airways. They also take it for kidney and bladder disorders, intestinal gas, and colic.

Some people apply wild thyme directly to the skin for arthritis and sprains.

How it works

There isn't enough information available to know how wild thyme might work.


Not Proven
Kidney problems
Bladder problems
Intestinal gas
Arthritis, when applied directly to the skin
Sprains, when applied directly to the skin
Other conditions


Wild thyme is safe in the amounts used in foods and seems safe for most adults when used as medicine.



Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Not enough is known about the use of wild thyme duringpregnancyandbreast-feeding. Stay on the safe side and avoid use.Dosing considerations for Wild Thyme.

Thyroid disorders: Wild thyme can slow down the thyroid's activity because it can affect hormones that control the thyroid gland. Talk with your healthcare provider if you have thyroid problems and want to start taking wild thyme.


No information available.

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